March 6, 2012

You know what's great about Portland? Me.

Here in Portland, we have a mayor's race underway. One of the candidates is Charlie Hales, a gentleman who has an essay in today's Oregonian. (His article is in response to a previous opinion piece by Dave Lister.) Hales' essay starts this way:
Like many readers, I was disappointed, if not surprised, by Dave Lister's latest broadside attacking smart growth, transit, East Coast transplants, urban renewal, bicycles, myself and most other things that are great about Portland.
Did you see that? By using the word "myself" at the end of the list of things that are great about Portland, Mr. Hales has explicitly stated that HE is one of the things that is great about Portland!

I love it. I also think this is a fine campaign slogan:
Charlie Hales: One of the great things about Portland.
Addendum: I'm voting for Hales. Seriously. Not because of this, though.

Addendum II: It's official.

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