February 23, 2013

Dang, the Tooth Fairy's totally coercive!

The Non-Stop Mom posted this letter from the Tooth Fairy to her daughter, Emily.
My Dearest Emily,
I came by tonight to retrieve your tooth and leave your payment—however, because of the condition of your bedroom, I had a horrible time even getting to your bed safely. Once there, I was unable to locate the tooth pillow due to the amount of pillows, blankets, and bodies in your bed. [Note: This refers to sleeping siblings who were also in the bed, not victims of Emily's homicidal rage.]
I will have to come by on a different night—perhaps you can take the time between now and then to properly clean and organize your room. I bet if you ask your mother NICELY, she will even help you to do it.
Much love,
The Tooth Fairy
More info—and photos of the room!—can be seen here. Ooh, speaking of coercion, this totally cracks me up:
"Volunteering is mandatory. Thank you for your cooperation." (Like this!)


Non-Stop Mom said...

Hey, thanks for the share - and for not blasting my parenting skills! Some people are taking it the wrong way when it was totally meant to be a lighthearted thing.

Have a great day!

Bart King said...

Sure thing—this was the greatest thing I'd seen in a while. Keep up the good work!