June 30, 2013

Great titled—but I'm not sure I want to read "Entombed With an Infant"

Janice Glover wrote a book titled Lighter Side of the Library back in 1974. In it, she asked librarians about book requests from confused patrons.

For example, one patron requested Homeless Idiot. But it turned out that he actually wanted Homer’s Iliad. Ha!
—Reqested: The Missing Hand. Actual book: A Farewell to Arms
—Requested: From Here to Maternity.
 Actual book: From Here to Eternity. 
—Requested: The Merchant of Venus. Actual book: The Merchant of Venice. 
—Requested: My Heart Is Wounded, They Buried My Knee. Actual Book: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee. 
—Requested: Entombed With an Infant. Actual book: In Tune With the Infinite.
This was gleaned from Greg Ross’s excellent blog, Futility Closet. Visit it!

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