July 22, 2013

Pop Quiz

I taught middle school for 15 years, and I had fun writing my test questions. Here's one now!

The ancient Greeks had a well-rounded diet and good exercise. But even with this healthy lifestyle, skeletons from ancient Greece reveal that:
—The average adult died at the age of 40.
—Four out of five adults had a childhood disease that almost killed them.
—Most people had broken bones which hadn’t ever been set.
—About 30% of babies died at birth. 
Based on the above information, which of these is true?
         a. Life was tough back then!
         b. Life is easier now!
         c. You are lucky to be alive now!
         d. You really shouldn’t complain, because your life is pretty good!
         e. All of the above.
Answer below!

Oh, come on.

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