August 17, 2013

1, 2, 3, 4— time to have a Twitter war!

These two gentlemen are having a Twitter war. And it's a good one!

Kerry: You still don’t understand what happened at the end of “Usual Suspects.”
Glenn: Ross is your favorite “Friends” character.
Kerry: You don’t understand buttons.
Glenn: You don’t like the yellow blanket because “it’s a bit too scratchy”.
Kerry: You get confused between AAA and AA batteries.
Glenn: Driving gloves wearer.
Kerry: You wear running shoes to do cross-training.
Glenn: Your family dread dinner and it’s all due to your obsession with the moistness of meat.
Kerry: You smell of yesterday.
Glenn: You wave at people who have the same make of car as you.
Glenn: You use the word ‘holiday’ as a verb.
Kerry: Your knowledge of two-letter words which are valid in Scrabble is at best mediocre.
Glenn: You say you’re allergic to certain foods, but really you just don’t like them.
Kerry: You put toilet paper on the holder so it hangs down at the back.
Glenn: Sock-mark legs haver.
Kerry: Gap non-minder.
Glenn: “Definately” speller.
Kerry: You get all excited when you see a man wearing a wig.
Glenn: You make your family sit through DVD previews.
Kerry: Children throw wet bread at you in the street.
Glenn: You actually believe it’s butter.
Kerry: You say you read “Game Of Thrones” but you haven’t even seen the TV show; you just sat naked on an egg pretending to be a dragon.
Glenn: You think irony and coincidence are the same.
Kerry: Your rendition of the “Single Ladies” dance routine goes wrong 2 minutes 34 seconds in, when you wobble your left thigh instead of your right.
Glenn: In a game of rock, paper, scissors, you’re the one that does fire. (Okay, one more from you and then call it quits?)
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