February 21, 2014

Which of these books has the "oddest" title of the year?

The Oddest Book Title of the Year (a.k.a. the Diagram Prize) has a strong field of nominees this year. Which of books will inherit the title from 2013’s winner, Goblinproofing One's Chicken Coop? The nominees:
How to Poo on a Date
Working Class Cats: The Bodega Cats of New York City
Pie-ography: When Pie Meets Biography
Are Trout South African?
The Origin of Feces

One of the people running the contest says, “Working Class Cats will appeal to the great mass of people who spend their days watching cat videos on the internet when pretending to work, [while bakers] will be thrilled by Pie-ography’s inclusion. And we have two books about poo.” 


Addition: I can't believe this book has never been nominated.
101 recipes for microwave mug cakes

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