April 22, 2014

Pioneers have arrived in the front yard!

It was cute, but then I realized this was a land grab! My Facebook friends had some good comments on the situation:
  • "You can tell from the mattress that they mean business. If they stay through the night I believe that front strip is legally theirs."
  • "Look at those new-fangled Labradoodles used to pull the wagons. The sorts of advances in animal husbandry to stake a claim these days is shameless."
  • "Be careful. I've played Oregon trail before. They know how to caulk a wagon and they just leave their dead and sick behind."
  • "Whoa, these kids should be at the little school on the prairie! What are they thinking, heading west while there's homework to be done."
  • "That's a prime piece of real estate they chose. Wooded, easy access to transportation routes."

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