April 25, 2014


Via GoodReads!

Oops, no more![The Big Book of Superheroes by Bart King] is a fantastic book!!! It's all about "how to become a superhero". It helps you master your heroic poses, pick a superhero name, tells how to "dress superhero", and, of course, get your superpowers! But that's not all. There are so many things you must memorize to become a superhero! There are also wonderful comic strips! It is a very funny, entertaining book, and I'm sad that I finished it because it was so good.
got this for my 9 yr old son and he absolutely loves it. Thinks he can be a superhero now. On the back of it it says "sidekick not included" and he said that's what his little brother is for lol./Luckily it came just in time for my son's 10th birthday :-) He started reading it as soon as he saw it and hasn't put it down yet./I finished reading this to my daughter, and we both ad a fun laugh. What a very fun, and laughable read to use to put your kids to bed. I loved it, and so did my daughter.Thank you for helping me get a book to use to put my daughter to sleep.

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