April 15, 2014

The Breakfast of Champions!

My friend. C., sent me this photo of her son with The Big Book of Superheroes: "This is what I found Emmet reading this morning during breakfast!"

At first, I was super-happy! But then I saw what was really happening here:
—“Mom, this bagel tastes crummy.” 
—“But it’s your favorite flavor! What happened?” 
—“Well, I was eating it and then I opened this book. And now everything seems... WORSE.” 
—“Emmet, put the book down now!” *sprays lighter fluid on it* “Now step back, son.” *lights match*

When I told C. this theory, and she wrote back: "OMG. It is almost as if you were in my house this morning and overhead our conversation. That's amazing! The boys love using our fire pit and we burn books regularly, so it was a pretty typical morning."

In conclusion, C. has a pretty great sense of humor.

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