August 5, 2014

Want to win a free copy of THE BIG BOOK OF SUPERHEROES?

Then just head over to the Kidliterati site. At the bottom of its review for Superheroes is a spot where you can enter the contest for the book!

Oh, and speaking of the review, here's an excerpt:
I knew this book would be perfect for my kids, [so] I left THE BIG BOOK OF SUPERHEROES on the kitchen table. 
“What's this, mom?” my son said when he came home. 
I shrugged. “Oh, I thought you might like that.” 
“Hmph,” he said thumbing through the book. 
A half hour later he was still sitting there reading, an occasional giggle or snort escaping from his throat. 
Until his brother snatched it away. 
The book kept my sons entertained for days. 
I might be a mom, but I love superheroes as much as my kids, and I loved this book as much as they did . . . Trust me on this one. THE BIG BOOK OF SUPERHEROES is a fun, lighthearted read for superhero loving kids (or their parents).

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