October 11, 2014

Neuroscientist Twitter Battle!

A group of neuroscientists did battle in an epic Twitter Rap Free-for-All. Check it! [Scientific terms explained in brackets.]
DEAN BURNETT: My flow is so powerful it’s basically exponential
Yours don't make the threshold for a single action potential.
[An "action potential" is the signal sent by a neuron.]
LOUIS: I speak hard truth my words are metallic,
Your rhymes are brainless like an acephalic.  

[Acephalic = without a head]

DB: If your rhymes taste metallic then I hate to confuse ya
But that's a symptom of dysgeusia.
[Dysgeusia is a distortion of taste perception.]
LOUIS: You think that scares me? Here's something to amaze ya, 
Your weak comprehension makes me diagnose aphasia.
[Aphasia describes a variety of communication disorders.]
DB: You repeat and add nothing like a Celine Dion ballad. 
Basically demonstrating classic word salad. 

[See Sarah Palin.]
LOUIS: Celine's a low blow I expect no better, 
From a weak-ass rhymer who's cephalically wetter. 

[“Water on the brain” reference.]
DB: You want to step to me, like a fly in a spider's parlor?
I'll make you so scared you'll rip out your amygdala.
[Removal of the amygdala typically removes the fear response.]
AIDAN HORNER: You don't know left from right, I'm fricking awesome
Your rhymes so disconnected, someone's cut your corpus callosum.
[The connection between left and right brain hemispheres.]
SALLY PRICE: Ya hissing & dissing like a pair of morons; 
It's clear the spirochaetes ate all your neurons.
[Spirochaetes are a bacteria that can infect the brain.]
DB: Morons & neurons don't rhyme, I'm afraid. 
If your flow was a cat, it'd have to be spayed.
SALLY PRICE: You stutter like you got dysdiadokinesis; 
I'm puttin’ it down to your tertiary syphilis.
[Dysdiadokinesis - impaired ability to perform alternating movements.]
DB: My words are quite clear as anyone can see. 
That you struggle to read them suggests maybe ADHD.

This is a shortened version of the battle; here’s the whole thing!

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