April 6, 2015

And so the ambush is laid...

In the unlikely event you don't have The Big Book of Superheroes, here's the "activity":
If you’re being chased by someone taller than you, here’s the greatest ambush of all time. To set it up, think about your escape route. See, you’re going to taunt your enemy, and then flee with your foe hot on your heels. And there needs to be a doorway that you’re going to run through. It’s best if this doorway isn’t at the end of a long hall. (You don’t want your opponent to get a good look at it while running towards it.) 
 First, get some packing tape (which is clear, wide, and strong). Ha ha! Stretch the packing tape across the doorway just above where the top of your head is. Anchor it securely at both ends. 
 Now, go taunt your enemy. Maybe you’ll say something clever (“You stink!”), or do something harmless but impish (ear flick!). You have to be annoying enough that your enemy chases you. Once that’s done, run fast and head for that doorway. You’ll pass below the tape harmlessly. But your pursuer won’t be so lucky!

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