July 21, 2015

Hey parents, keep up the good work!

New research has pinpointed the top 10 ways that you parents are embarrassing your kids:
  1. Dancing
Public displays of affection (to your children or with each other)

  3. Using outdated slang and/or trying to join in with "youthful lingo"
Wearing age-inappropriate clothes
Telling cringeworthy family anecdotes and baby stories
Public tidying up after your kids

  7. Joining social media and friending your children

  8. Being useless at tech in general

  9. Talking about the facts of life

  10. Being "in your cups"
Being in public and talking—or especially joking—with anyone you don't know. (Okay, that one's from me. My parents are convinced that strangers think they're hilarious!)

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