September 21, 2015

True Story!

Via Cache Mania.
At 10 PM last night, while walking home from the Hollywood Theater, I spied two bearded men on the deserted south side of the pedestrian overpass.

They were moving furtively and dressed all in black, complete with knit caps and headlamps.

Despite my better judgment, I approached: “Hey guys, what’s up?”

The two men exchanged a look, then the closer one faced me, his eyes flicking up and down the empty street. “I really shouldn’t tell you . . .”

My pulse quickened—were they taggers? Bad guys arranging a drug drop? Hipster ninjas? (It didn't help that the film I'd just seen was "Nightmare Alley.")

“. . . but we’re geocaching.”


So I made a citizen’s arrest and waited for the authorities to arrive. Later, the police officers told me, “Good job—these guys are hard to cache.”

(Okay, I made that last bit up!)

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