February 14, 2016

I had a photo-shoot!

A Portland magazine did a photo-shoot of me recently. At the bottom of this post is my proof. And here is some of the dialogue from that day:

“Can you make a cute expression? [pause] Maybe not.”
“Your head is catching the light really well.” (Implication: You’re really bald.)
“Bart, can you ride this giraffe?” (No, I did not make that up.)
“Wow—you were holding so still, I almost thought you were a mannequin!”
“I get that a lot.”
Woman (entering store): What’s going on in here?
Bookstore Employee: Oh, they’re doing a photo-shoot for Bart King. You know, the Portland author?
Woman (blank look): . . .
Bookstore Employee: See, he’s written all these books. Kids really like them.
Woman: Thanks, but I was just wondering what the activity was.

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