March 2, 2016

Early Reviews for THE DRAKE EQUATION

"Much of the book's humor stems from Noah's struggles to overcome his cowardice... Mock 'field notes' [offer] information from Noah's perspectivein a clever, albeit gratuitous way. A ... sci-fi narrative with an enjoyable main character."

"Nine to 12 year olds are the target audience, and I think they will really like this story...The author is a middle school teacher and he really gets the way kids talk to each other - especially boys. The witty dialogue is my favorite part of the book."
—Mr. Steve, GoodReads reviewer

“…an intergalactic adventure [with] an interesting premise…”
—School Library Journal

"What I enjoyed about this book is the strong lead character, Noah Grow... I loved the unique perspective of the non-stereotypical boy... Witty dialogue also makes this a pleasurable read. This is a great book for the middle school boy..."
—Zachary West, GoodReads reviewer

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