September 15, 2016

The San Francisco Review of Books on THE DRAKE EQUATION!

I was happy to see that the San Francisco Review of Books recently posted a review on The Drake Equation. It reads, in part:
The Drake Equation has a lot going for it. There’s an immensely likable protagonist and his marvelous twin friends, a school life that feels true — particularly the petty weirdness of other kids — and a mystery that really engages the reader. (The resolution of the bully angle is also very well-executed.) 
King tosses a lot of balls in the air with this one, keeping the twists fast and furious, but thankfully never overloading the book too much. Noah is suitably overwhelmed, but the reader isn’t.
The reviewer did point out that the novel just ended (instead of resolving its plot). And that's fair enough—because Drake is actually just the first half of the story!

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