October 14, 2016

"Oregon Reads Aloud" — the book!

This week, I got to be part of the coolest book event imaginable! It took place at Powell's Bookstore in Portland. Photos and video below. 

Start Making a Reader Today (SMART) is a nonprofit dedicated to improving children's literacy skills. And it just launched its first children's book, OREGON READS ALOUD.

The book features 25 illustrated stories—one for each year SMART's been around. Geniuses like Carmen Bernier-Grand, Gina Ochsner, Eric Kimmel, Barbara Kerley, Robin Kerr, Dale E. Basye contributed to it. The book has only one glaring fault—my story, "Paw-sitively Yummy." And even THAT outrage was salvaged by illustrator Carolyn Digby Conahan's superb artwork!

OREGON READS ALOUD is available everywhere books are sold.

The contributors (I'm in the back!)

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