September 20, 2008

Campaign Blast from the Past: Trapped by the Whigs

As previously noted, America’s Whig Party made liberal use of libations at election time. This strategy did not always go down smoothly; this anti-Whig woodcut from Louisiana mocks the Whigs’ predilection for “entrapping” voters with free alcohol. (The log cabin was a Whig symbol.)
What an innocent age! Of course, today's voters are WAY too sophisticated to fall for traps of this primitive nature. (Although if one were to substitute a free cell phone for the cider...) The text below accompanied the anti-Whig woodcut:
"Tip. and Ty." were William Henry Harrison (aka, Tippecanoe) and John Tyler (Ty), the Whig candidates of 1840. They won, and both men got to be President of the United States. Score one for free hard cider.
Images from the Library of Congress, Rare Book and Special Collections Division

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