November 7, 2008

Brandon Roy: Untucked (and he brought doughnuts!)

Minnesota Timberwolf (and trick-shot artist) Kevin Love has either coined a phrase or introduced me to a cliché. Asked about being a starter, Love (right, with Kevin McHale) answered, “I just have to keep fighting and working and bringing in my doughnuts and stuff like that.”

More on that later, but in case you missed the Trail Blazers' overtime, cardiac-arrest inducing game against the Houston Rockets, it ended like this: With less than two second to go, Brandon Roy hit a turnaround jumper to put the Blazers up by two. We won! But then Yao Ming immediately scored, was fouled, and hit his free throw. We lost!

But with .8 of a second to play, Roy— oh, just watch it.

Blazers win! Man, Roy really brought the doughnuts on that one. (This also reminds me that the next time I want to celebrate a moment of great import, I need to quickly untuck my shirt.)

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