November 6, 2008

The Mood of a Nation (as seen from afar)

As the back of this jacket makes clear, happy day are here again! For those of you residing in Enjoy Time, why not toast your winners with some Ohana sake?
Of course, every election has its downside. To be gracious, let's not forget those whose candidates and causes didn't win. If they are particularly disgruntled, their mood is perhaps reflected by the Malaysian sign below.
For the following five reasons, all signs originate from


David said...

All discussion of post election revelry aside - this reminds me of being in Japan in 1991. My wife and I had purchased some cookies that had the phrase "Splenferous taste of chocolate" as part of the product description.

The cookies were neither 'splenferous' nor splendiferous, though they did contain some chocolate.


Bart King said...

Excellent. Hey, maybe the unconvincing taste could be explained by their misspelling of Splenda?

Maybe not.