November 6, 2008

Touch of Bogosity: Doubling Down and Spitting Up

doppelgänger: an apparition or double of a living person.
ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from German, literally ‘double-goer.’
Perhaps you’ve had the curious experience of seeing your own doppelgänger. Like me, you no doubt found it to be a creepy yet fascinating experience. It’s your mirror image, but slightly twisted in a dark way that exaggerates your worst features and character traits.

All this came to mind when I got a spam e-mail featuring this proto-human. He is, sadly, my doppelgänger. We both work at home, and like me, this prat’s office is at the beach. Hey, a little sand in the fax machine is a small price to pay for good living. (No, I am not stretching for a metaphor there.)

There are other similarities, but I can’t bring myself to list them. This man is so bogus, he’s in a bogosity-zone. And that b-zone served as a painful reminder of this TV ad, one that, until now, I’ve successfully repressed for years. You’ll spot my doppelgänger easily enough; he’s my spitting image… and I spit on him.

But for an evil-shadow-twin, he does play the guitar pretty well!

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