December 23, 2008

German Soccer Fashion, circa 1975

At 28 seconds in, you'll think you've lost your mind.


Anonymous said...

ok so u wrote the big book of girl stuff right? because i need some advis thats not in the book: ok so i like this guy and he MIGHT like me but he probably likes my BEST friend and she likes him back but he might not like anyone so what should i do?
o and im only 10 so i dont know what profanity if this is profanity so sorry!

Bart King said...

Okay, I have to admit something. I did write that book!

And I'm afraid that you're in a sticky situation... If you look at the diagram at the top of page 37 in GIRL STUFF, you'll see what I mean. Also, you have a lot of question marks about who may or may not like whom... so it's too early someone else to give advice on the matter.

More importantly, if you're ten, you're probably too young to have a boyfriend anyway! What's the hurry? (Yes, I know this is not even bad advice, it's no advice at all.)

All the best,
Bart King