January 25, 2009

Southpaws Are All Right

Rahm Emanuel is left-handed. I base my astute observation on this gesture that the White House chief-of-staff made as he mocked former House colleagues at the Presidential Inauguration.

On the one hand, radical liberals are members of the “left wing.” On the other, hardcore conservatives are considered to be part of the “far right.” But if one considers U.S. presidents, many of them (including Obama) have leaned left.

As of right now, five of the last seven presidents have been left-handed. This despite the fact that lefties only account for about 13 percent of the general population! So what gives? Are left-handed people just naturally superior?

Yes. Studies show that lefties are more commonly found in leadership positions, and they seem to be better at some creative tasks. Not only that, but on average, lefties make 15–26 percent more money than righties.

As a reader of this blog, the odds are good that you’re already left-handed. If so, please carry on. But if you are right-handed, consider a change. Sure, it will be difficult to brush your teeth or text-message at first. But long term, not only does a pay raise await, but you will also be granted continued free access to Unexpectedly Bart!

(Yep, this will be a pay-to-use site soon. Although you're already paying in a way, aren't you? Oh, and let me vouch for Melissa Roth's book to the left. Very interesting reading; click on the pic for the link.)


dgm said...

I would hate to have the job of POTUS. Thankfully, I'm right-handed so I don't have to worry that someone will nominate me and then gazillions of people will concur. Phew.

However, now I have to start paying for this?

Bart King said...

Pay for this site? My apologies. What a horrible notion. I should pay YOU for visiting!

That is to say, I was just checking to see if anyone might agree to do so. Then I could cut a side-deal... the visitor would send me money (I accept PayPal!), and they would find that they still had access to the site.

It's this kind of surprisingly vile behavior that makes Unexpectedly Bart! so... unexpected.

dgm said...

You had me at "I should pay YOU for visiting!"