January 26, 2009

Got Any Recycled Veggie Oil?

A man driving through the German town of Limbach-Oberfrohna missed a turn and lost control of his car. Then he launched off an embankment and soared through the air for nearly 100 feet… until he landed in the roof of a church.

That’s 23 feet up! I think it’s fair to say the driver was speeding ein bischen. He was behind the wheel of a Skoda Octavia, giving the Czech automaker a great new ad slogan: “It flies to the heavens.” (Its old slogan was the limp "Good Made Better.")

Super-powered or not, casual readers of this blog —as well as the more formal ones— know that I am a car skeptic. (That’s right, I don’t believe in them!) But in the depths of my wizened heart, I have a special chamber dedicated to a German car... namely, the 1974 VW Microbus that I drove for the first 20 years of my driving career. And I can replace it soon with a revamped, ultra-green 21st century version!

Called the Verdier, this Wired article states the bus will have “a 4-speed automatic turbocharged bio-diesel hybrid drivetrain, so when you aren't running on electricity you’re running on recycled veggie oil.”

Models will be offered at between $69,000-$129,000. Ouch! That news just caused me to recycle some veggie oil of my own. Check out the Verdier’s page here.

Church/car photos from Der Spiegel.

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