February 20, 2009

Two-Timers and Polish Scofflaws

Confession Time: I have another blog. Shocked? Me neither! Anyway, I channel the public persona of Spaniard hoopster Rudy Fernandez over here. Why mention it? Because that blog got about 1,200 hits yesterday. That’s a handful more than Unexpectedly Bart! got in the last six weeks.

Oh, it is a bitter lesson. This has been my greatest comeuppance since learning that a Japanese houseplant’s blog gets substantially more traffic than mine.

Along the lines of life's great mysteries, Irish police just solved a not-very similar case. They just couldn’t figure out who “Prawo Jazdy” was. The guy racked up dozens of different traffic violations in different cars and operating from different addresses. He was the Kaiser Soze of scofflaws. How did this Prawo Jazdy do it?

He didn’t. According to this Reuters article, “Prawo Jazdy” is printed on the top right hand corner of all Polish driving licenses. It’s Polish for… “Driver’s License.” D’oh! (Oops, strike that “D'oh!” I’ve been led to believe that its Irish equivalent is “Ow! Me bollocks.”)

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