July 2, 2009

Let's...Go...Fly a Kite!

Or not.


Proud Parent of a Bumper Sticker Maker said...

Feel bad enjoying this when I don't know whether or not the guy is OK.

Hope this doesn't sound like Internet stalking, but here goes. Netflix shows people with similar tastes on its friends page. You showed up on mine, and I favorited you. We watch the same movies and have really similar takes. This led me to your blog and your books. Used them as gifts a few times now. (/end creepy)

Bart King said...

Hello PPoaBSM,

Thank you for the nice message, and rest assured that it doesn't seem unusual/stalkerish/creepy to me at all!

Admittedly, anyone who uses my books as gifts earns a prodigious amount of good will. :)

All the best,