July 1, 2009

Why Your Teachers Act That Way

Dealing with parents has never been easy.

But while some generation-gap issues are eternal (“I want this cave cleaned up!”), what particular issues did kids face in, say, 1959?

To answer that question, the fine website named Awful Library Books posted this volume from that very year! And for answers to our questions, the book’s back copy reveals:

This reminded me of one of my favorite library books, which was snagged during a librarys book cull. It’s 1979’s critically acclaimed Jammin’! by dancer/skater extraordinaire Bill Butler.

Bill was a close friend of mine in the 1970s, and I performed with him at a number of skating rinks across the Midwest. (Man, those were the days. We’d roller-boogie all day! Then at night, we’d sleep.)

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