August 26, 2009

The Best Book Ever Written

Why is this new book so funny? Maybe it's the model's expression. I'm imagining the photographer's directions:

"No, no, you didn't just spill your Gatorade— you're in fear for your life. Try screaming
'Nooooo!' Got it! That's a wrap, people."

I also like the book's promo copy that appeared in today's Publishers' Weekly (below): "Only a twist of fate and a very unusual crime solving method, makes The Eyes Have It: The Catch the best ever written."

The full listing:
“When the beautiful, but already married, Beverly Goodfellow joins South London’s leading charitable organization, she becomes involved with more than the Granson Charitable Club’s humanitarian activities. She becomes involved with its male president, Melcannoh Henrich, a prestigious man who owns a chain of night clubs and other unrelated businesses. His organization involves thousands of people with power and money. Beverly and Melcannoh’s affair has far-reaching implications. Melcannoh’s mistress, Stella Haynes, after learning of his indiscretion, vows to destroy him and his business. She recruits Balan Henson, one of Melcannoh’s henchmen. Balan has harbored a secret lust for Stella for many years and is willing to do anything to please her. Together, Stella and Balan hatch a plan to elicit revenge on Melcannoh. The plan involves contacting Beverly’s husband, Dr. James Goodfellow, who is dismayed to learn his wife has had an affair. Stella and Balan have no way of knowing that their plot will unleash a chain of murders in the city. The perpetrator almost gets away with the crimes, but is caught in the act in a most unusual way.”

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