September 30, 2009

Gorgonzola & Geiger Counters

I have a soft spot for odd signs. Take this one for “Atomic Cheese” that recently showed up in our neighborhood. How is the cheese “atomic”? I don’t know, but its gorgonzola is getting a once-over with a Geiger counter before I buy any.

Now here’s a charmingly lighthearted street sign designed by the good person over at

And in the realm of text-heaviness this sign a stone’s throw from my house advertises the sale of a building called “Ode to Rose’s.” (Rose’s was a beloved ice cream eatery that occupied the site earlier.)

Unique "For Sale" Sign II


(True story.)

PRICE: More than a house less than a house on the [Alameda] ridge… maybe.

NOTE: This is an investment property. All the tenants (who rock, by the way) are staying. There are no owner/occupant options…. Sorry.

This unique phrasing hails from the frontal lobes of Renaissance man Kevin Cavenaugh.

Finally, let's close with a genuinely fanciful sign that was spotted on the London Underground and then posted on the London Underground.

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