December 16, 2009

Gabbing with Gingkoes and Chatting with Chestnuts

It's a lovely notion, really.

Book Description: Talks with Trees: A Plant Psychic's Interviews with Vegetables, Flowers and Trees contains a collection of over thirty interviews with many different species of plants and trees including ancient redwoods, a Japanese maple, a garlic bulb, an onion, an apple tree, two heads of lettuce, a purple potato and many more.

The author [is] a spirit channel for over fifteen years… His first interviewee was a potted plant sitting atop a bank counter. While waiting for the teller to return, [author] Leslie Cabarga asked the plant, “How are you?

With the words of the plant's response forming clearly in his head, Cabarga heard, “Oh, not very well. We are trying our best to grow lushly and beautifully for everyone to appreciate but it is hard under the circumstances.”

As the author writes, “I looked around... There was no natural illumination. The piped-in air was stagnant. I understood. The plant repeated its intention to do its best and I was struck both by its selfless resolve to fulfill its function, and the lack of resentment over its situation. This delicate little assortment of flowers was a kamikaze of love, fulfilling its obligation to its creator with every ounce of energy...”

Author Comments: “Although I occasionally meet with skepticism when I talk about Talks With Trees, I've been gratified... by the many people I meet who [share] their own experiences… and conversations-with trees. ‘Oh, I always talk to trees!’ they'll tell me, ‘Why, there was this one tree…’”

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