June 4, 2010

Soccer Chants, Translated

We have a soccer team where I live named the Portland Timbers. When you go to a Timbers' match, the crowd chants and sings...it's really fun, although I rarely have any idea of what the words to these chants are.

And the chants are in ENGLISH!

So you can imagine the challenges facing people going to World Cup games in South Africa. There will be chants in MANY languages there...but what will they mean? 

Luckily, a company is offering a "chant translation" service for World Cup spectators. If you want a headstart, here you are: 

German: “Es ist erst dann Foul, wenn der Schiri pfeift” - It’s only a foul if the referee blows his whistle.

Italian: “Ma chi sei?” But, who are you?!

Spanish: “Maricón el que no bote, eh, eh!” - Anyone not jumping is not very manly, hey, hey!

My favorite is this Zulu chant: “Ngizobhalela ubaba kaBoy ngithi: Dear babakaBoy, ungayibona into eyenziwa uBoy egrawundini.” - I will write a letter to the Boy's father and say: “Dear Boy's father, if only you could see what Boy is doing at the stadium!” 
Photos by ohhh_yeah808.


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