September 14, 2010

Ooh! Want to Read from the Worst Book in the World?

No, it's not by me. Sheesh!

In the early 1800s, a Scot named Angus McDiarmid visited a local lord’s estate. Impressed, he wrote a book in tribute: Striking and Picturesque Delineations of the Grand, Beautiful, Wonderful, and Interesting Scenery Around Loch-Earn

This book was such an amazing example of bad writing and sucking up, McDiarmid earned a nomination to the title of “the world’s worst author.” How bad was it? Following is just the dedication, and talk about suck-ups! (Just click "Read more" to read more...and if you want to see the whole book, just go here.)

To the Right Honorable the Earl of Breadalbane. May it please your lordship, with overpowering sentiments of the most profound humility, I prostrate myself at your noble feet, while I offer, to your Lordship’s high consideration, those very feeble attempts to describe the indescribable and ineffable beauties of your Lordship’s delicious estate of Edinample. With tumid emotions of heart-distending pride, and with fervescent feelings of gratitude, I beg leave to acknowledge the honor I have to serve so noble a master, and the many advantages which I, in common with your Lordship’s other menials, enjoy from the exuberance of your princely liberality. That your Lordship may long shine with refulgent brilliancy in the exalted station to which Providence has raised you, and that your noble family, like a bright constellation, may diffuse a splendor and glory through the high sphere of their attraction, is the fervent prayer of your lordship’s most humble and most devoted servant, Angus McDiarmid.

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