September 13, 2010

"Psst! Want a mustache transplant?"

Facial hair is incredibly fun. Don’t believe me? Heck there’s even a section in Bart’s King-Sized Book of Fun dedicated to this idea:
Have you ever seen a man with muttonchops? A guy with a goatee? Some dudes with Fu Manchus?
Well, it turns out that all these people have a GREAT sense of humor!
I mean, they HAVE to . . . otherwise, they’re growing weird beards because they think it looks GOOD. But that’s impossible. Therefore, men with facial hair must have black belts in fun!
Mustaches are SO awesome, there are people waiting to get mustache transplants. Seriously! Just look at this article:
There is a steady demand for this facial hair transplant, including beard and goatee.” Also: “The shape of the mustache is first outlined while the patient is sitting. On approval, it is traced with a marker, and symmetry must be ensured, especially in a goatee.”
Hey, I can grow a mustache. Maybe I can be a mustache donor!
Awesome illustration by Chris Sabatino,
insane joke by Ziggy Nixon.

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