January 1, 2011

Deep Questions for the New Year!

Each year over at the Explainer, the staff share questions that they can't (or won't!) answer. Here are my favorites!
1.) If the entire U.S. was put up for sale, what would be the total asking price on the open market?
2.) Are all languages equally lip-readable?
3.) I've always pondered why boys like having sticks. Whether it be walking down a hiking trail with a stick they picked up or running a stick across a white picket fence, boys have a knack for having a stick. Is there some kind of explanation for this behavior?
4.) Why aren't bathtubs bigger? I can never fully fit in mine.
5.) Hi. I was sucking some helium today and I'm really nervous. I did it at about 5:00 today, and it's 12:00. I just prayed to God to keep me safe. I felt my pulse on my wrist and it was normal. I just was wondering if it will hurt my older life? I am about 10 to 14 years of age.
6.) I was on the subway today and this question struck me: Why are old people always coughing?
7.) If a person is allergic to cats (common housecat allergies) would he also be allergic to a lion?

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