July 3, 2011

Regional British Slang is “gurtlush”!

"Catch you dreckly."
Language experts are storing unique British expressions in a wordbank so that they’re not forgotten. Here’s a few of my favorites!
baffies - slippers (east coast of Scotland)
bishybarnabee - ladybird (Norfolk)
brozzen - full (having eaten too much) (Swaledale)
coopers ducks - the end is nigh, it’s all over (Black Country)
deff - to ignore, split up, pack in, avoid (Birmingham)
dimpsy - half light, just turning dark (Somerset)
dreckly - later, some time in the future (Cornwall)
gopping - unattractive (Manchester)
guddle - to rummage about (Northumberland and parts of Scotland)
gurtlush - the best (Bristol)
ladgin - something embarrassing or unpleasant (York)
man de don’t know what the buer is rockerin – “I don’t know what the woman is saying”, using “bewer” for “woman” and “rocker” - “to speak or understand” (Newark)
nesh - a bit weedy, being cold when you shouldn’t be (Nottingham)
spoggy - chewing gum (Grimsby)
ronking - smelly, disgusting (Black Country)
tittermatorter - see-saw (Norfolk)
twag - to play truant (East Riding)
twitchell - alleyway (Nottingham)
From the Telegraph.

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