October 2, 2016

Here’s a Mystery!

For some reason, I never pack enough clothes when visiting my parents. (No, that’s not the mystery.) So on our last trip, I asked if Dad had an extra T-shirt I could borrow. And lo and behold, this chestnut from the 1970s was unearthed.

This was a “gift” to Dad from his nine kids. As you can see, we opted for one of those newfangled personalized designs that have stood the test of time so well. And naturally, we listed OURSELVES on the front. (There was only room for our initials, but still.)

Now, the mystery: In the name of all that’s holy, WHY did we think a high school football coach with a handlebar mustache would wear this pinkish monstrosity? (Though if I remember correctly, the actual color was listed as “necrotic salmon.”)

Anyway, he did. And he even saved it all these years later. Thanks for being a good sport, Dad!

Not-Very-Fun-Fact: Now that I look at it, my complexion could also be described as “necrotic salmon.”

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