November 24, 2016

What I'm grateful for this Thanksgiving

Today, I’m thankful for professional journalists. I’m thankful for the New York Times. I’m thankful for fact-checkers and scientists. They’re going to be more important than ever for the next four years.

I’m also grateful to my parents, who subscribed to two daily newspapers when I was a kid. I ended up doing a “compare-and-contrast” on news coverage almost unthinkingly. ("Ooh, this comic page reflects the editorial board's values!" 😀)

Finally, I appreciate everyone who understands it's their civic duty to: 


b.) subscribe to a good newspaper or support journalism in an active way.
 Here are some I appreciate:
The Washington Post 
National Public Radio 
PBS: NewsHour
PBS: Frontline 
Mother Jones 
Taegan Goddard's Political Wire 
Public Radio International 
And even more! 
• Salon and Slate
• The New Yorker
• The Atlantic
• The Telegraph
• BBC News
• The Guardian
• The Independent
• The Globe and Mail
• Der Spiegel

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