June 30, 2009

Books4YourKids Weighs In

The sublime books4yourkids blog just posted a kind write-up of my pocket guide series.

Titled “Great Books for Summer”, it reads:

Need to keep the kids occupied during a long, hot summer?

Bart King is the man for you (and your kids ages 9 and up)! Author of the superb The Big Book of Boy Stuff and The Big Book of Girl Stuff he has also written these little gems. All of these books will get kids out of the chair and even out of the house doing something nifty and creative, but, I have to tell you that it is IMPOSSIBLE to read any of Bart King’s books without turning to the person next to you and reading a paragraph or two out loud to them. The information inside is the kind you (and your kids) will want to share!

The Pocket Guide to Games brings you games your kids can play without computers, joysticks, game boards or even game pieces, in some cases. Most of what you’ll need you can find around the house, or at the nearest hardware store... there is an INDEX so you don’t have to go flipping through the book five times before finding that great game you saw...Just reading the game descriptions out loud was amusing for the kids I was with.

Your kids may spend more time reading The Pocket Guide to Mischief than actually making it... if you’re lucky. 

There is a lot of great collected information in this book, including stories of pranks played throughout history and lots of funny responses to everyday situations... Brilliant!

Gathered from The Big Book of Girl Stuff, which was written with the help of his five sisters and fifty other girls, King brings his great sense of humor and wealth of knowledge...[and] The Pocket Guide to Boy Stuff is full of super-cool facts and finds that actually made me a little jealous...

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