August 30, 2009

Reviews 'n' Such

Over at Duffbert’s Random Musings, legend Thomas Duff has a review up of The Pocket Guide to Magic. In it, he states:
“I most like King's writing style. He certainly doesn't take himself seriously, and his writing can be as wacky as Dave Barry or Tim Dorsey (which makes me wonder if Bart spent time in Florida before settling here in Portland Oregon). I found myself laughing along with getting educated at the same time.”
And over at the Did I Mention…? blog, Tricia shares that one of her friends has been reading The Big Book of Girl Stuff. This is of concern, in that it “seems to cover quite a broad range of topics, as it seems like no matter what we discuss, Kaylie can share some tidbit she learned from this book. Or she is peppering her conversation with…little gems.

So there you have it: Girl Stuff is raising the level of discourse far and wide!

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