September 4, 2009

I Have No Choice

I used to post any press that my books got on my blog. It was the perfect place for stuff that (while very interesting to me) could be seen as "marketing" (blech!).

But since Amazon has cancelled their blog program, the kind review of The Pocket Guide to Mischief from Tweens Read must be shared here.

I know, it's an unfair world.
Local tweens describe this book as a page-turner and one in which they didn't want to miss any of the tidbits included…this title has bits of history, biography, vocabulary, and cross-cultural connections sprinkled liberally throughout.…A terrific selection for a reluctant reader who might not have found a niche with non-fiction yet, because the tone is so captivating and the information is delivered so well. I recommended it today to a reader who was looking to purchase a gift for a 9 year-old boy; when I described this book to her, she told me I'd nailed the perfect gift for him.

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